15M Hdmi cable for Onkyo S3505 and projector

Dec 6, 2014
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Hi, I am looking for recommendations on the best hdmi cable for a distance of 10m plus. It will run between my Omega H180X projector and my Onkyo AV receiver. I have PS3 , SKY hd and Mac Mini hooked up to receiver ( also a turntable via audio cables just for fun). I have spent £25 on one and it seems fine however Im about to run this through my celing and once its in, thats it. The projector and reciever cost me £700 so I would like to get the best out of both.

Thanks in advance


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Sep 3, 2010
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Hi Brian and welcome to the forum.*smile*

I can recommend the following cable to you as I currently use the 10m version between my Onyko a/v amp and a Optoma projector.


For the money, it is a very well made, uses thick cable (same diameter as garden hose) and has excellent connectors at each end so that as you say, you will only have to fit it once.

Hope this helps.

Remember that HDMI cables are certified up to 10m. Beyond 10m, there are various ways to augment a signal. Check this:

"Q. How do I run HDMI cables longer than 10 meters?
There are many HDMI Adopters working on HDMI solutions that extend a cable’s effective distance from the typical 10 meter range to much longer lengths. These companies manufacture a variety of solutions that include active cables (active electronics built into cables that boost and extend the cable’s signal), repeaters, amplifiers as well as CAT5/6 and fiber solutions."

Whatever you go for, put in a couple of ethernet cables, just in case. They're cheap. If HDMI cable fails or doesn't work, simply connect HDMI baluns like this to either end of the ethernet cables:

Dec 6, 2014
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Hi, Thanks. As you are probably aware I'm a novice at this. I am now a bit confused re the ethernet cables, what do they do and should I have these anyway? I thought an HDMI cable did it all?

Thanks again



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