Moon on a stick? Compact active speakers in combo with sub for wifi streaming and vinyl


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Nov 11, 2019
I have started to realise that my taste and needs require a bit more considered thinking than simply choosing some award winners from this years list.
So, wondering if anybody could offer some recommendations.....

So, we have a living room which opens on to our kitchen in our new house.
I either listen to music on Spotify or BBC6, via the app on my iPhone, connected via Chromecast Audio. I have also a fairly big vinyl collection, which no longer has to live in a cellar - so would like to play more.
I'm not a big fan of huge floorstanders, and think they would dominate the space. I do however, like to feel the bass (I'm probably a bit unsophisticated and certainly no true audiophile). I've previously got on well in smaller rooms with a 2.1 set up - Acoustic Energy aego.
The set up in my previous house was a pair of B&O 8000's in combination with a B&W PV1 sub. I was connecting direct via Chromecast Audio. These, to my ears, are a pleasing combo of sound and aesthetics. This system is being used in another room in the new house, hence, on the look out for how to fill our living room.

I auditioned a pair of Ruark MR1 Mk11's. Lovely little things, but didn't have a lot of bass depth on their own. I also auditioned a pair of Kef LSX's which sounded bigger, with more clarity.
On certain audition tracks however, they struggled with the very low frequency bass. This made me realise that, for my taste, I'm probably going to need to combine a set of speakers with a sub. That way, I can hide the sub, hopefully get some compact standmounts that look subtle in the room.
Based on my last set up, I am wondering if I should get another PV1 sub (as it's not just a big wooden box) and match to the best (active?) speakers I can afford.
I'd like to keep to £1500 tops for the speakers. Happy to buy second hand.
The decor is mid century, so extra points if the speakers have a retro or scandi vibe to them. Ideally said speakers would have an RCA input for the turntable too, via a phono amp if need be.....
Like I said in the title, I understand I want the moon on a stick......;)