Mission mx1 or q acoustics 2020i for. Nad c326bee?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm going to buy one of both. I listened Mission mx1 and q acoustic 2020. For me was better for little Mission mx1. Are the new series q acoustics 2020i better than mission mx1?

Thanks for advance and sorry for my english.


Knowing the NAD C326BEE amp very well I'd say look at other speakers

Not sure on what music you generally listen to (this would be handy to know) byt I'd say the Dali Zensor 1's, Dali Lektor 2's and Monitor Audio BX2's would be a much better suit

Having heard the Q Acoustic 2020's a lot and demoing the Mission MX1's yesterday; the NAD amp deserves better speakers and I'd say with its weighty soundstage; the 2020's and boxy sounding MX1's wouldnt do the amp justice

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If you're looking at that kind of budget, try and seek out a pair of Mission 751s secondhand. You'll find a good pair kicking round somewhere (if you're in the UK, there are some on Gumtree just now with original stands for £160 for instance). They'll probably outpace any of the above and plenty more. Just make sure it's the original model not the Freedom version. They'll work a treat with the NAD too and will withstand an upgrade when it's time to move the NAD on. They work well across all music genres too, from classical to rock/metal, jazz to classical and so on.


Hifilover 1979 and The record spot, thanks for your help. I'll see Dali speakers.

Hifilover, are you listened the new version of q acoustic 2020 (2020i)? Are Dali's better option?


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