Midi replacement - advice please


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Aug 10, 2019
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With my birthday coming up, my wife suggested that I might like to replace our big ugly 15 year old Pioneer midi system with the sort of proper hi-fi I always wanted as a kid.

However, I only have a nominal budget in mind of £500 and I wondered whether I can get a system (CD + Amp + Speakers) that will sound significantly better than my old midi for that kind of money.

If a hi-fi system for that budget shows no major improvement, we may as well go for a nice small mini system that at least will look smarter than the old beast!

I have tested the Richer Sounds £500 Cambridge Audio Azur special offer (540A amp + 640C CD + free MS 902i speakers) and was not completely blown away by the improvement. It was definitely better than my current set up, a much 'brighter' sound, but it didn't make me want to spend my £500 for a relatively small improvement.

I felt the sound was still a bit 'distant' and didn't quite fill the room (5 m x 4m) as I had hoped.

All 3 items receive great reviews so I don't think they are poor kit, just that they didn't suit my tastes.

Is the speaker the problem? If I can strech my budget a bit, can I get a standmount to match to this sort of system that has a much bigger sound than the 902i?

Many thanks


i own that very sistem and am happy with it but as u say it does strugle to fill the room my is 5m by 4m so im upgrading to some new floorstanders as adviced by mr everard so i think u really should consider streching ur budget and get some better speakers not bigger bu something that is easyer to drive


Thanks for the advice guys.

With the 902i speakers being free with the Azur 540/640 system, going for the BR2 speakers would add £200 to the budget (which I haven't ruled out).

Does anyone rate the Azur 340 amp and CD? They would cost £300 leaving me £200 for the BR2s, or are they not up to the job of driving those speakers?

Thanks again