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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys,

New to all this but have a question.

Today I brought a Micro CD system (only a cheap £35 one from Sainsburys - Inspire Red), with the hope I'd be able to link it to my TV. The main reson I got this one is A. Don't really watch the TV all that often and B. It had an AUX socket so I could use my MP3 on it. I have another stereo that gets used for CD playing and with space issue I needed something small.

Anyway, my TV is an ONN LE32LCD0802ID. It had plenty of empty connection sockets.

I dug out a cable that came with my pocket camcorder, plugged the jack into the AUX and the Red & White connectors into the back of the digi box we use. All in the correct place, turned it all on and hey presto - sound. One problem though, there is a constant buzzing sound and almost sounds like the people talking are very quiet, even on full volume.

The lead I used, also has the yellow jack. So it's 3 pronged - 1 red, 1 white, 1 yellow. I only plugged in the red and white (no space on digibox for yellow anyway) but is this the problem? Is that a non-compatible lead?

Any help would be superb. If anyone can point out what I need.



Think I've sorted it.

I've whammed the yellow prong into the back of the old DVD recorder we don't use. That stopped the buzzing.

Hoping the picture will be ok, as that unit is never turned on.


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