MEZZO 6 speaker blown and distoted HELP!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi i have 7.1 mordaunt - short speaker set up with an onkyo 876 av reciever, the problem im having is the front right speaker which is the mezzo 6 has all of a sudden gone on me, the bottom mid rage speaker still lets out sound but the top mid range an tweeter at the top of speaker have stopped working, no sound at all, sometimes i can hear distortion from the speaker when volume is up on bassy sounds. i have only had them for about 3 years and iv never turned it up load.i have checked speaker wire an i have found the the wire has come through the plastic, could that of damaged the speaker if touching metal ? how can i fix or were could i take it to be fixed ?..PLEASE HELP ME !!:)


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