marantz sr-7002 av reciever,denon avr-3808


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi,any reviews on marantz sr-7002 av reciever coming up,and how it would fare against denon avr-3808,has anyone tested any of these and would they be a good purchase to power a monitor audio rs6 av package,including rsw12. looking for a reciever to get the best out of them, marantz has no upscaling,denon has ,and individual crossover settings for each speaker.thanks.


I listened to them both here in Hong Kong. I'm no expert but I know what I like; and I could tell that the sound from the Denon was 'bigger' when playing DVD's. The Marantz was also great for movies but really stood out when playing CD's.

I tend to listen to music more with my system so I ended up buying the Martanz and paired it with the Marantz DV7001, KHT3005SE and QED Anniversary XT's.

Both systems are comparatively priced here around the HKD$8000.00 range.


hi, thanks that is really helpfull,i might side for denon as i would watch more movies ,but i like my music as well so i have to test them both,they both look fantastic build,might update later to intergrated stereo amp,eveything seems cheaper in hong kong was looking at marantz dv7001 very expensive over here i suppose i could import but your caught then with postage and customs,rip off,do they have new denon blu-rays over there? like the look of them and also the new marantz blu-ray.


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