Denon AVR-1312 Cannot be set to Multi CH Stereo, No Surround Mode on RC1169


Aug 11, 2021
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Hello, i need help configuring my AVR since it cant be set to Multi CH Stereo, im currently using 4 Elac B5.2 plugged to Front L/R and Surround L/R and 1 subwoofer. Connected to my PC through HDMI DVD Input mode (the only options are DVD,BD,Sat/CBL,Game)

At first the setup works fine, and the avr automatically set Multi CH Stereo as soon as i plugged 2 speakers to the surround slots, but then while tinkering with speaker settings such as Distance, Small/Large, the speakers sound distorted with loud clicking noise, this never happened when i was still using 4 Denon speakers which came from the AVR's home theatre 5.1 package. The clicking sound happens randomly ONLY when the Front Speakers are set to Small and Surrounds to Small also, if i set the fronts to Large, then the sound goes back to normal. Sometimes the sound comes back when i set the Distance settings to other than 0.

I was actually not that bothered if i have to set Distance to 0, and Front speakers to Large, but it just seems wasteful because i have a sub to do Bass job. As a last resort, i did factory reset to the AVR, but now it wont automatically set to Multi CH Stereo at all. I did check cables and etc, even in Tone Test the SL and SR does produce sound, so its not a connection issue.

Now the frustrating part is, my AVR is somehow very different with the User Manuals i found online, the remote is different no buttons to set Surround modes, even when plugged the AVR directly to a monitor to access setup wizard, the settings shown are just basic Speaker Size, Crossover, Distance, CHannel level, Bass settings, Auto Surround, and other basic input and display settings.

I absolutely regret doing factory reset, im not asking much, just want to peacefully enjoy my recently bought 4 Elac speakers, please help!


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