Question KEF LS50 wireless in home cinema set up


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Sep 2, 2020
Hi guys - im looking to upgrade my home cinema set up and already have LS50 wireless2's as stereo speakers, could these be used with an Arca AVR5 or similar as front speaker bu using a cable from the pre out into the aux input? it would solve a problem of me buying a whole new set up of surround speakers as I would like get some passice 50's for the rears and maybe a KEF R centre. Ive already got ceiling speakers for AV but looking to re utilise these as Atmos and using the KEFs powered as fron would free up 2 chanells on the Arcam so I could have 4 ceiling atmos but this is not a priority I could make do with 2.

On a seperate note, if this would not work im looking to replace the KEFs with a Monitor Audio set of silver 300's front, the centre and 50 rears. Any thoughts on how much if anything I would lose from stereo perfromanc e against the KEFs?

Final alternative is to keeo the KEFs for music and get the MA Apex range which could be integrated into my living room more easily but I do use the sub (silver w12) ive already got withthe KEFs sometimes so would prefer to keep the new AV amo as the heart of the system, thoughts appreciated...


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