Home cinema system upgrade . Av reciever/processor + power ammplifers/ av reciever + power amplifier


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Mar 2, 2016
I'm currently using an Onkyo Rz 840 9.2 av reciever with a monitor audio speaker package and an Rel sub. My system is is in a space approx 14 ft by 12 feet.
I'm current running a 5.1.2 set up with my front left and right speakers bi-amped.

I wish to upgrade the processing and amplification as part of a move up to 5.1.4 but I'm not sure of the best way to achieve this . My options appear to be :

a) Av processor and external amplifiers
b)Av reciever with external amp/amps.
c) High end reciever as a standalone (e.g. Marantz 8015/Denon x6700/ or something from the anthem range.

In terms of best overall sound , an Av processor and amps would be best ( Marantz 7706 + emotiva basx a5 and a6)

However i wonder how much better the pre pro set up would be compared to a Marantz 7015 in pre-pro mode with external amplifiers ? Or in turn compared to a high end reciever?. In days gone by it would have been relatively easy to arrange demos with a good hifi shop to do a comparison. However i have yet to find a dealer with all of the items mentioned above in stock .
I'd value any options/experiences that would give insight on my choices 😊
My budget is 4000 and it would be cool to have change ! 😂