Marantz DV7001 or Arcam DV135 ??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Research is going well. Having spoken to a number of dealers I've found a nice friendly one and have a few offers. I need some advice as to which to take!

I already have a Samsung PS50Q97HDX 50inch plasma and a Denon AVC A10SE surround amp. I'm replacing my existing DVD player and speakers and going for the Dali Ikon 6 5.1 speaker system. The question is, which DVD player to go for.

The Marantz DV7001 is available for £500 and the Arcam DV135 has been offered to me for £700 if I take the Dali loudspeakers (which I'd like anyway).

Question is. Is the Arcam worth the extra money! It'll be used 80% for watching DVDs and 20% for playing CDs.

Would really appreciate your view!

Thanks, Will


Will, we haven't yet had the chance to compare the Arcam to the Marantz, but we'll be First Testing the Arcam in the upcoming October issue (available towards the end of August), so check it out to see our verdict - sorry for the wait!


Thanks Dominic. I'll be looking out for it when it comes out. Have to say that I hope to have bought all this buy then so any first thoughts would help enormously.

Really hard to find Dali stockists that also do Marantz, most of them stock Arcam. Never found it difficult before. Seems that Hi-Fi dealerships are becoming more polarised, either high end only or medium to budget.

If anyone else has any advice for me, it'd be much appreciated.


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