Marantz CD6002 or Marantz SA7001?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey Guys,

Im new to this forum and would like to get your thoughts. I am thinking of getting a CD player but my finances are limited as most peoples are. I would like to know wether or not there is a big difference in sound quality between the Marantz CD6002 and the Marantz SA7001. I dont have any SACD disks so that is not a requirement. I've got B&W 683's and a Marantz SR8500 amp. I now the amp is not a dedicated stereo amp but I dont have the cash for 2 seperate systems.



I've decided to go with the SA7001, Im not that much worried about the SA part of it, but have heard it and it sounds awesome! Haven't heard the CD6002 but the local delear says that there is about a 15-20% increase in sound qaulity and because it uses the super DAC, it puts it in a different league. Would still like to know if the 15% increase justifies the price?


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Sep 6, 2007
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I've decided now and I'm not going back! The SA7001 clearly is better than the CD6002 (I can get them for £350 and £250 delivered) and the price difference would not bother me if the 7001 could play mp3 and wma. I've just realised that the 6002 does not play SACD. Now, I only have an Oasis album in this format but I'm going to be keeping this set up for a while and I want to cover all bases. So, it's the Pioneer for me. I can get it for £330. It has been given high marks everywhere (WHF said that it's better musically than the Marantz but is dearer and has a rubbish remote) and it plays cd, sacd, mp3 and wma! It also looks nicer to me. Let me know how you get on with yours. I will probably be up and running in the new year as I'm having a stand made and will not bother to set everything up until it arrives in January.


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