Linn Majik is comparable to what?


Nov 12, 2022
I bought a Linn Majik integrated amp. Am wondering where it fits into the rank of others. I.e. to go up in quality where next? If you have had one and moved onto something that thoroughly topped it. Let me know.

The following gets increasingly further from the above simple question but ads more background...

I had a Teac Reference 500 amp that sounded great until hearing this Linn M'.
The soundstage is amazingly improved. It's stunningly enjoyable.

I play mostly Flac from a laptop to a ZenDac IFI 2 to Linn M' via QED silver spiral cable to Quad 11L's.

Possibly a strange set up that I have stumbled into.

The Linn had a buzzing fault straight from eBay. The vendor took a hit as my local hifi tech played it very well, though didn't stop the buzzing. He didn't even prove the fault- check to hear the buzzing- instead set about replacing all the caps. His work *did* improve the sound a great deal. I am *felled* by how good it sounds. But the buzzing toroid (not from speakers) makes me wonder about longevity.
So, without looking up all the original prices of other second hand amps (as if you always get what you pay for?!) I wonder what I should get next that will be as good or better.


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How old is yours? Linn will tell you if you don’t know.

Drop an email to with the serial number and ask for the date of manufacture and any service history or upgrades.

The current series of Majik is a streamer-amp combination, and that is on series 4, so yours might be twenty or more years old. If you have DC on your mains, an old transformer might buzz. You can buy a DC blocker for about £99 but I’d hesitate to go that route and the transformer might just need tightening up - ask your tech if they heard it. Or it might be on the way out. If your Majik has a Dynamik sticker on the base, that’s a newer power supply design that shouldn’t buzz.

Is yours like this?
Or this?
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