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What shall I buy to make my Linn Majik LP 12 sing?


Jul 24, 2020
I have waited my whole life to purchase a Linn LP12 Majik. The time is approaching this xmas. However, I want to know if and what I should purchase regarding an amp and speakers to really show off its full potential. I will only be using the amp and speakers for the Linn. I have a flexible budget of about £1500 for amp and speakers. So probs second hand.

I currently have a pair of B&W 685s and an exposure 15 integrated amp that I use with my Rega planar 1 and Spotify.

Advice and thoughts grateful received.


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May 1, 2008
The 685s are still superb speakers - and they like power! So I’d say start with an amp, and then replace the speakers if you still want.

Thing is, you’ve bought a pretty high-end TT - and it deserves a better phono stage than most integrated amps offer.

So start with amp, and seperate phono amp. Linn also offer phono stages which can be bolted onto your Majik - investigate a secondhand one. I’m sure there are similar 3rd party ones too.

Al ears

Which cartridge does the LP12 come fitted with?
Agree with manicm regarding the addition of a decent phono preamp unless the amplifier you purchase comes with a very good phono stage preinstalled, something along the lines of a Creek Evolution 100a with the module fitted.