KEF Q300 or Monitor Audio RX2


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello everyone, I'm in doubt between these 2 speakers. My purpose is 70% games / 30% music.

Which one has better definition and detail ?

Receiver will probably be a Yamaha RX-v1067 or onkyo 708.

Don't tell me to make an audition, there's no hi-fi shop where I live, that's why I am asking for help.


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May 7, 2010
Hi, I woulndn't worry about HiFi if it's mostly for gaming. Pretty much any speaker will be better than the average desktop active set that come with computers. I would take a look on ebay and look for large speakers (possibly floor standers) or larger standmounts from Pioneer, Tannoy, Mission, Yamaha etc You could pick these up for anything between about £20-£150. They will easily give most budget speakers these days a good run for price and performance.

If you are set on new HiFi speakers then look for larger drivers and bigger vol. cabinets for better base and extension for gaming. This isn't always the case but is a sub out the question? This would provide a better gaming experience in combination with some satellites.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Tonally, I'd say the RX2's suit the Onkyo better, and the KEF's suit the Yamaha better, although this aspect is personal preference. The MA'a are a big meaty sounding speaker that's on the warmer, more laid back side, that can give a nice bass kick when needed. Depending on the room, they may need a little more room than the Q300's to work at their best - I don't recommend using foam bungs as they tend to rob the speaker of what they're all about. The RX2's won't lack bass at lower volumes due to it's large, 8" bass driver. The Q300's are a more lively, forward sounding performer that will show you more of what's going on in a mix, but this can be a little much for some people on brighter sounding amplification. Even though they're front ported, they still a bit of room to perform at their best, and produce a nicely detailed, three dimensional soundstage, helped by it's new UniQ drivers. The Q300's will sound the most detailed at lower volumes.


Yes, I will be adding a sub, central and surround a couple of months later (or as soon as I have the money).



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