KDL 26T3000 / Xbox 360 - setup help


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey, I got this TV yesterday, mainly for use with my 360. I've played around with the settings, but I'm not sure if it's looking its best. The 360 is set to 1080i, hooked up with the 360 component cable, and I've moved around a lot of the TV's image settings, but some little things still bother me.

For instance, the lap times round the screen on a racing game blur occasionally due to the background moving fast behind it. The screen also looks a little too vibrant at times, with some colours in games appearing way to high contrast no matter what I adjust.

Any suggestions?


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Press 'MENU' and go in to the SETTINGS option. On the picture menu there will be an overall setting for picture. Chances are it will be on VIVID, which is the standard setting when Bravias leave the factory. Change it to STANDARD. This will sort out the colour etc.


Unfortunately I've already done this. I guess the colours I can get used to. It's the occasional text blur which I know isn't right.