Living with the Samsung Q7f

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gel said:
*biggrin*. Brilliant!  

John Lewis made a mistake with me too the other day, I bought the used Philips Oled for £1435 and paid £25 installation cancelled when I got home for a full refund and they refunded the full amount, so I got the installation cost free!  
Oh gel gel gel, still not able to control your buying habits, eh? :)

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Bought the Pioneer Sc-lx901 amp from Superfi too for £1750 and cancelled the next day too.

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Have you seen this comp, guys?

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Good deal on a Oled here:

Diamond Joe

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Mar 1, 2008
Darn it! Q7F prices appear to be going back up, £200 more at John Lewis, £100 more at Richer Sounds, my plans to buy one are on hold for now... *beee*


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Jan 18, 2008
Diamond Joe said:
Darn it! Q7F prices appear to be going back up, £200 more at John Lewis, £100 more at Richer Sounds, my plans to buy one are on hold for now... *beee*

Gel will find you one cheaper :)

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drummerman said:
I had this TV for a month now. Here is an update.

The bad; I, for some reason unknown to myself ... like glassy, reflective screens. This one is very efficient in absorbing ambient light. I think Samsung call it the 'moth eye' filter. So whilst it looks like glass from the side when switched off it reflects very little head on. Call me odd.

The stand, whilst superbly made in stainless steel, would, imho, look better in black.

The second metal remote, again ... whilst superbly engineered, can be a tad cold to the touch. Nice in summer, not so in ... . - It does come with a comprehensive plastic finished controller too, so that gets around that plus the Samsung phone app controller is quite outstanding too. Far far better than Sony's sad excuses. Still, there is something very satisfying using the metal remote, cold hands aside.

Viewed from an angle, it's better than any other LED tv I've seen (new 2018 Q9FN excempt), but it's not OLED good. - Sit say 45 degree off and you can see colours starting to fade a little. Brightness stays consistent a little more, to perhaps 50/55 degree.

There is also some blooming visible when viewed from more than about 45 degree. Until then the set is mostly inky black.

The good; After some calibration, the picture is outstanding. - Colours absolutely bounce off the screen even in dark and bright scenes. Skin tones are natural, Contrast is great, blacks are deep and motion is fantastic, in any mode, for sport or movies. HD and 4K are super sharp (Sharpness on minimum). The picture is at the same time smooth and grain free, even without digital noise reduction. The panel is free from banding or DSE. Even in substandard terrestrial low def broadcasts there is no block noise in dark scenes (but obviously a lot of definition is missing and the picture is softer) Gaming experience with the Xbox X seems faultless, colours pop and there is no noticeable lag. - It goes very bright when needed. - Automatic brightness ambient control works flawlessly. There are no untoward level fluctuations whatsoever. In fact this can be seen when changing ambient light. The set VERY slowly adjusts to the new level. I am at a loss why calibrators always suggest not to use it. It is both super convenient and effective. Not to use it is just silly. Tizen's operating system/engine is fast and clear, a joy to use compared to Android/Sony.

Everyone that came round when the tv was on has commented on the picture and look of the set.

Would I change it?


For an LG C8 or Samsung Q9FN 2018. Both nearly three times the price though.

I am running out of time though. After 2 JL price matches I got refunded £200 and got the set down to ££1099.

If anyone sees one cheaper, in stock please let me know! :)

I've seen the following but don't think JL would price match?

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These price match too

And you can always phone them up a make an offer of say £1000 and see what they say.


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