How to calibrate an HDTV for home theatre


Now that you got a HD smart TV and a home theatre system you want the best movie watching experience you can get. But when you set everything up and turn on the TV you might notice that the picture quality is not as sharp and clear as you would like it to be. This is because your TV is not calibrated to match viewing through the HD screen. Follow the steps below and you will be able calibrate your HDTV for home theatre purposes.

Step 1
Open the settings menu.

Turn on your HDTV and use the remote to enter the settings menu and open the screen settings.


Step 2
Set brightness levels.

In the screen settings menu click on the brightness option and you will notice it is most likely turned above 80. Bring it down to around 25-30.


Step 3
Set contrast levels.

Now select the contrast option and once again turn it down to at least 1/3rd of its original composition. You might want to check if the contrast level is matching your requirements by playing a video and noticing the changes.


Step 4
Set sharpness levels.

Set the sharpness at exactly 50% regardless of its original calibration.


Step 5
Set color levels.

Set the color level between 45 and 55 depending on your screen capacity.


Step 6
Set tint levels.

When you set the tint, levels have a video playing on screen and adjust the tint to ensure that human skin color is shown properly.

Once you have performed the above steps your TV screen should have been calibrated well enough to give you sharp and clear viewing quality. Keep in mind that you may have to repeat the process a few times to make minor adjustments depending on your screen’s capacity.


Now you can enjoy your movies with better video quality