iPod touch 64gb 3rd generation - advise on upgrade


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Aug 10, 2019
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Currently I have an iPod touch 64Gb 3rd generation which about a year ago I filled. Since then I have been deleting stuff to be able to fit new music on but now I've hit the point where there is nothing I particularly want to delete. I use my iPod near enough all day, everyday and my musical mood changes constantly, hence the desire to keep as much on it as possible.

I've been looking at the 7th generation iPod Classic (160Gb) but my last classic (5th gen I think) distorted a lot and had a severe lack of bass. Does the 7th generation suffer from the same issues, or will the sound quality be comparable to the touch? In terms of headphones, I use a pair of Klipsch Image Ones because of their fantastic bass response. I do have an Fiio E5 if this would help the classic?

Failing that, should I change the format that I listen to? Currently most things are set to 320kbps.mp3. Is is worth changing this to a different compression rate or format to gain more size? However, I don't want to degrade the sound quality too much?

I hope for some good advice!


**Please note I have read through some of previous posts. I know there are other options that are larger than 64Gb but I am not interested in moving away from Apple. I had a Cowon D2+ for a year and yes, the sound quality was amazing but daily useability was awful which is why I'm not even considering the X7.


Ive had my 160gb Classic for almost a year cant fault it! Not had any technical problems while using it. If youre filling up your 64gb touch then the Classic is the way to go....