iPod to amp - think seperately


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Sep 23, 2013
Hi folks,

I posted this under mp3 but had no response so posting here. I'm looking at getting a digital signal out of my iPod (Classic 30 pin connector) and into an integrated amp (hereafter amp). All in one docking stations are NOT an option - I own a BOSE soundock II and it's an overly priced tin box that's stopped working after 2 years. I was interested in peoples configurations (makes and models) and opinions on set up, and especially would like to hear from people who have or have heard the newer amps with built in DACS and USB ports. From what I can figure out I have basically 3 options:

1. IPOD -digital-> DOCK -digital-> DAC -analogue-> AMP

2. IPOD -digital-> DOCK -digital/analogue -> AMP . . . with the DAC in the dock or in the amp

3. IPOD -digital -> AMP . . . with the DAC in the amp

where capital letters are seperates and -X-> is the signal. Option 3 would be nice for a minimal appearance and footprint and would also mean I could spend more on the amp, but not if you then sacrifice a load of sound quality in connecting an iPod directly to the AMP via usb. I just don't know. Comments/thoughts appreciated


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Feb 22, 2010
Dad uses an iPod connected to a CDP via USB, and it sounds fine. Haven't compared it to the sound of the CDP itself, but it is a pretty cheap cd player (Yamaha CD S-300), so while competent, I wouldn't expect too much from it. It will all depend on the quality of the DA conversion in each piece of kit. Either way, I'd be sure to use lossless files.

I use an iPod with a digital dock running into the DAC section of an Esoteric RZ-1. Sounds excellent. I can't really tell the difference from the CD player.

I also use an iPod with a digital dock running into a NuForce Icon HDP which I use as a DAC, headphone amp and preamp. I hvan't tried plugging a CD player into the same kit, but it sounds excellent with both the iPod and my Macbook as a source. There are more components and cables, but it looks ok. In some ways, I prefer the look of the iPod in the digital transport over an iPod sitting on the shelf, etc. with a USB cable running into the front of the kit.


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