Question In a bit of a transition - need help! - Amplifier/CD?


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Jun 21, 2020
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Hi (first post, be gentle!)

I am transitioning my hifi system and would appreciate some help/advice on how I might best set up/improve my system.
I listen to music via: Spotify, CD, Radio, Vinyl .

My set up is:
Arcam Solo Mini (from 2008) 25W mainly used for CD playing and streaming from Spotify via the Arcam Blink.
Speakers (from last week) are Dali Oberon 5, replacing B&W 686s.
Turntable (from last week) is AudioTechnica LP3, replacing a ProJect Debut Carbon Esprit (due to desire for fully automatic turntable).
I recently sold my Project Debut Carbon turntable and bought an AudioTechnica LP3 (reason: I want a fully automatic turntable, though of course it is lower spec than the ProJect).
I am really enjoying the listening experience with the Dali Oberon 5's, and think it could be even better perhaps with a more powerful Amp to replace the Arcam. However, the Arcam has a CD player builtin to the unit and I like that set up. Are there any options which provide more power (the Oberon 5 - suggest 30-150W) and so enhance the listening experience more? Is there an Amp with builtin CD player suitable? Or, can I get a Power Amp (or standard integrated Amp) and use the Arcam as a CD player via the Pre-Amp connections? Any other ideas/thoughts? Thanks, D.
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May 24, 2009
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If you like the Arcam sound, you could get a 2nd hand Arcam power amp. If you didn’t like the result or wanted to upgrade later, you could probably sell on again without losing much.


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