How does the law of diminishing returns apply to DACs?

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Jun 10, 2010
nlanks said:
Jame5 - did you audition the HRT vs any of the more expensive DACs? If so was there much of a difference to be had (I only need asynchronous USB too, so went same route, but no auditioning).

I didn't audition. I thought HRT products were only distributed in the UK online by Audio Freaks. Even if I could have, I might not have bothered. I'm more happy than most to rely on reviews at this stage of my hi fi obsession.

Listening right now, the sound is in a different league, as you would expect, from my old iphone source through analogue dock (albeit a fairly expensive Arcam one). Far more detailed, and, particularly pleasingly, the bass has both extended and tightened up. Really pleased with this purchase. I was a little worried that my speakers would need to be upgraded before hearing a difference, but this is night and day.

I can't speak for the HRT MS II, by the way. Mines the II + which I read is a fair step up in SQ from its little bro. I would say though, that in the case of both the II and II +, the stipped down nature of the product suggests it would compete in pure SQ terms with more expensive products with more connectivity or other features. If WHF did a DAC super test (or whatever they call them) including these then it would be interesting to see what the experts think.


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