How Do You Prevent Plasma Screen Burn within the first 200 Hours of use?



So, providing one does this, after 200 hours or so you should be able to increase the Contrast, use Dynamic and watch channels for long periods of time that display those anying static logos?

A lot of Plasma displays now incorporate anti screen burn technology don't they.............and does this work in the background or does one have to in effect, Activate anti screen burn say on a Panasonic 42PX70 or Samsung 42PSQ97?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes, to an extent: I wouldn't ever use the dynamic picture settings, as they look horrible, and i wouldn't leave the screen on when not watching.

Most screens have anti-burn technology that works in the background, but the manuals should give you more info on that, and anyway newer screens are less prone to burn than older designs.

My elderly Fujitsu, for example, has a system that rotates the picture to an imperceptible degree every now and then, and then rotates it back again - only a matter of a pixel or so - and also has a white screen facility to reduce burn.

It's now at least four years old, did the rounds as a demo screen before I bought it and still has not a sniff of screen burn.


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