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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys (first post)

Been reading the magazine for many years but only just found the forum. Im converting from an ageing stereo setup to a home cinema job. I had a 20 year old Creek amp and NAD cd player through a pair of B&W CM2's. I am keeping the speakers as my fronts as I love there open sound an looks.

My first purchase was a Onkyo 605 which was a no brainer really! I already have a Denon 1930 DVD and a Pana 32". My oringinal plan was to buy the Jamo 102 package and use the four satalites for a 7.1 setup but have decided to Bi amp the fronts for better stereo. I have read alot about the inportance of having matching speakers (tonally) but I dont want full size speakers. How will the B&W M1's compare? Any suggestions?

My next question is how good are blu ray players with audio CD's, I would be prepared to spend a lot on a player if it was my only source.



Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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I'd go for a larger B&W centre to match the CM2s, and the little speakers will be fine for the surrounds. M1s will be fine for the rears.

Blu-ray players as CD machines? Pants, frankly - hang on to the NAD.


What sort of sound quality could I expect from an ipod (Apple lossless format) on an onkyo dock?

I really want to cut down on the clutter and I compared the sound of my nad to the denom and found the nad to have more attack but slightly less detail although there was really not a lot in it.


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