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Apr 11, 2012
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Just thought I would Poke my head above the parapet.

Had a few years back in the eighties of being very much into Hi-Fi as the CD started to come out. Used to have one of those Mission DAD 7000R 14 BIT oversampling players based on the original Phillips and Marantz Players. Had Audiolab 8000A amplification then but found that far to sharp with CD's so went over to Class A Musical Fidelity A100 to "analogue" the sound.

I won a Linn LP12 from What Hi-Fi way back then but as I went into CD I downgraded to Rega Planar 3 and upgraded the CD system.

Doesn't sound the same though. Analogue has and will always have the best sound if one can tolerate the tweakiness to get it right.

That sweet spot is veeeeerrrrrry sweet though

Rega Planar 3, Kenwood DP-X9010 CD deck, Musical Fidelity Digilog, Musical Fidelity A100 (Class A) driving LS7's. etc, etc


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