Help with SONY Tuner please

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May 5, 2009
Hello all

I have an old SONY tuner ,which works well.But I am experiencing some issues with tuning the stations. I have downloaded the manual,and usually Im pretty good with setting up equipment .But this tuner :-(

Its a SONY ST-SB920.

Any chance someone could offer some advice on how to set the channels,and to obtain the best ,via the many settings please ? Step by step would be easier lol

Thank you in advance


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I think the reason nobody has responded so far is because, unless they were familiar with the model, they'd only be doing what you've done and consulted the manual.

I had a quick look at it. As you may have seen, page 11 shows, step-by-step, how to programme the presets.

Looks like you've got 30 available, which get allocated to a combination of letters and numbers. It does seem a little bit convoluted though (My old Quad tuner only has 8 presets but that was enough and it meant that each had its own dedicated button)

Even if you only used, say, 4 presets on yours, the fact that 30 are available, means that some form of addressing might be necessary to store and recall even those 4? (I've also got a Denon tuner that requires 2 buttons to be pressed to recall even a single digit preset - where 1 should have been enough)

Good luck. At least the manual does seem comprehensive (as you might expect from Sony)


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