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Jan 17, 2021
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I'm new here and hoping you can advise me on some new speakers. I was using my Denon AV receiver and Kef Pods to play music up until early summer when I purchased a separate Amp and speakers. I went with advice from Peter Tyson and got the Marantz PM 6006SE amp and Dali Spektor 2 speakers. I prefer a warmer sound and was told this would match that. While the sound was very good I felt I should have perhaps got some better speakers. I decided to change the speakers recently and was advised to get the Dali Oberon 3's. I got a great deal on Ebay for a brand new pair for £399 (£100 less than anywhere else). I don't have a huge listening room and I find the bass a bit overpowering and I can hear it all through the house as a deep Thump. I'm concerned the neighbours might complain. Peter Tyson advised on a set of B&W 607 Anniversary but I am worried the high top end might be very harsh and cold sounding, any ideas on that? Richer Sounds told me to keep the Dali Oberon 3s and buy a new UK Amp to give a better sound. I'm now totally confused. My main Sources are a Project Debut Carbon DC TT with an Ortofon OM cartridge with a Black Diamond Nude stylus. I Also listen to CD's ripped to my PC as Flac and fed to the Amp via a Streamer.

Is there another speaker that will noticeably improve on the Spektor 2's but perhaps not be quite as a deep bass?

Thanks :)


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I'm new here....
....I'm now totally confused.
...So you thought you'd come here for less confusion. Oh dear :LOL:.
I don't know if you've read their review of the Oberon 3, but WHF picked up on the prominent bass, saying they wouldn't want them close to a wall or in too small a room.
I assume yours are on stands, perhaps you've already experimented with positioning to optimise your sound (not always possible I know).

Despite what Richer have said, changing speakers rather than amp is likely to help you more - new amp might give tighter, not necessarily less bass.

If your amp sounds like the Marantz I had, it won't provoke any harshness in the B&W.

Others will be along with some recommendations for you. Would be best if you could try (preferably in your room) before deciding as speakers are very personal - and you don't want to be changing them again soon.
Also, with your preference for a warm sound, you don't want too little bass.
One thing though, even with less bass, don't expect not to hear thumping in other rooms. At 'normal' (not anti-social) listening levels it's inevitable.
For those in attached dwellings, music and neighbours is often a (somewhat depressing) subject all of its own.
If everyone was as considerate as you, they'd sell a few less subwoofers.
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