Help on vinyl LP label identification needed


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a large LP collection and wanted to find out how do I know which LP's are 1st pressings from just looking at the label numbers and or run off groove (deadwax) comments. I like to find out if there is a difference between say Decca and EMI in respect to the way each label 1st or master pressings. Maybe I will find a gem within my collection and say I have something that is treasured by music lovers!


Try getting hold of 'record collector' magazine. theres shedloads of info in there, but it largley depends what artist youre referring to etc, etc

the record spot

This varies from label to label, manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally, very generally, the lower the stamper code, the earlier the pressing. Matrix numbers - again, very generally speaking - such as "....A1-A / A1-B" (etc) denote an early issue. Later editions will have a higher matrix suffix.

Also depends on the label itself (see the web for anything on the Beatles rare LPs for good background on it), where variations on typefaces, colour, edging, etc, etc, etc.....all have an impact.

It's fascinating to get into but time consuming and you kind of have to decide at which point you want to hang your anorak up at the end of the day (no offence, I collect Genesis albums, so I speak from some experience here, but I'm nowhere near as bad as a couple of guys in the States I know of!).