Help me fill a home with music and vision


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Aug 10, 2019
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A bit of history - I love good music of all kinds and love getting a concert hall experience, from the softest pianissimo to loudest crash, whether it be the glistening piano of Ravel or the mellow tones of Ella or the squawks of Bjork! Over the last couple of decades, due to work moves and varying homes, I have gone from an Arcam CD & DA Convertor, Sugden Amps and Rogers Speakers, to a single Arcam CD, one Sudgen Amp and Snell Bookshelf speakers, to now a TDK mini shelf system.

I am now ready to re-settle into a large home and finally unpack again my CD collection. This new home has a large open living space of some 90sqm. I would like to fill it with high quality music and ideally combine it with a flat screen TV /home cinema set up (which may have to come later, but at least music to start). It is a reverberant room with floorboards and high ceilings and at least to start with, not much furniture. I am not sure whether to go for a system or seperates again, and which ones... Given the room, a B&O system is appealing because of its style, but I also want substance, without a whole lot of wiring. The ability to have music play into a seperate room would also be a bonus. Any advice appreciated!


Hmmm, perhaps if I said, it would be good to rebuild the system using the Sugden A series amp I have and the Arcam CD player, I might get some thoughts? I am worried the 20w from the Sugden might not be enough for this room, and I guess then the question is what speakers to invest in? Alternatively, a whole new system suggestion is not off the cards either - a reference guide as to budget would be GBP2-3000. Again, would be grateful for any advice


You can put a very good system in a very poor room,and you always get a very poor sound,I would check your room before spending anything,a room the reverberates is a sonic nightmare.