HDMI Audio problem.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have the Onkyo 875 connected to a Sony HXD970 and the V+ box, via HDMI. I am using QED QUINEX HDMI-P 1.3 leads. But i'm not getting any sound. Because of this ive had to connect my audio via coax (sony)and optical(v+). Which has caused a delay between the audio and visual. My settings on the Onk are: input/output assign..HDMI input..IN1 (for DVD) and IN2 for V+. The audio inputs,when the same,do not output any audio signal.Hence the reason why i'm having to use the coax and optical inputs. Is there a setting on the Onk i am overlooking? Any help will be much appreciated.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Yes, the whole HDMI 1.3 thing can be a bit of a nightmare. I have my V+ box and DVD player connected to my Arcam AV receiver via HDMI for video switching, but like you send audio separately via coaxial (DVD) and optical (V+). Andrew Everard's extremely helpful guide to HDMI 1.3 will give you more insight on this.

As for the specific settings on the Onkyo 875, I'll need to check with one of the technical team back at the office tomorrow morning, unless the kind Mr Everard or Clare spot this in the meantime and know the answer.


[quote user="nads"]So where are you not getting the sound from? the TV or some speakers attached to the amp? You do not seem to say.[/quote]
I'm not getting any sound from either tv or speakers. but the idea is to have the sound through the speakers rather than the tv. if the HDMI leads are plugged directly into the TV, the sound is there,so i know the leads can carry audio signals. Its just that the Onk wont output audio via these leads for some reason.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Is the Onkyo's Audio Select input selector set to HDMI, and the format selector set to Auto? That should do it.

If not, could be that your sources are set to output a format the Onkyo isn't picking up on. Check that both are set to output bitstream or 'raw', and you should be in business.


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