hannsree or not to be


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Aug 10, 2019
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im thinking of getting a 32" lcd for my bedroom and have seen a hanssree for 279 delivered. has it been revieved? or is it going to be reviewed as you never seem to put the ultra cheap sets in the mag. I wont be expecting loads from it but it is hd ready and i already have a freeview box and onkyo dvd in the bedroom, i would also plug in my 360 as my wife moans when i play it in the launge. Ebuyer has 379 five star reviews of this set, What do u think?

cheers kev


hi a friend of mine has just got a 37" hannspee lcd tv and he is using a 360 through it and he said it is very very good but u need to try the set yourself really just to make sure, i think u still get what u pay for, i have just got a panasonic lcd and it really is fantastic with my xbox 360 through it but the set was a lot more money