Sony 32ex503 or newer 32cx523 ??


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Nov 26, 2007
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Im just about to purchase a tv for the bedroom and have been wanting the sony 24ex320 as it comes in white and has internet etc but costs around 320 from sony with 5yr warranty . as my local richer sounds are out of stock and will be till end august (279 from them)ive decided to go bigger and get a 32 .
Ive had a search and the 32ex503 got a 5star rating in more then one test and the newer 32cx523 got 4stars . i can get the newer model from r/s for 349 so might as well spend the extra to up to a 32inch but cant find the 32ex503 anymore as its last years model ?
Would i be better of trying to source the older ex model as it seems the better set? it will be plugged into router for internet and also a fat ps3 but wont be plugged into ariel as i dont have one !!
I'm not sure if the CX has the same internet capability, but one thing the EX has for sure is the Motion Flow (can't recall if 100 or 200Hz), which might be beneficial if you watch sports.

Very pleased with our EX so far, though can't believe how quickly they are replaced these days. We got ours in April last year, and they had just arrived in the UK.