First thoughts Samsung PS51E 6500


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Nov 1, 2008
Hi all

There seems to very little information/opinion on the site regarding this display so I thought I'd post my initial impressions.

I was originally after a Sony 46HX853 or a Panasonic 50GT50 and went to demo them side by side in my local Currys when I

saw this display (all were showing the same HD loop of content) and was very impressed. I realize that the units were'nt calibrated to any degree and

I could'nt get hold of the remotes to adjust them. In comparison the Sony had a bright punchy picture and was pin sharp on HD but suprisingly soft

and pixellated on SD ( although better than my old Sony V4000), the Panasonic was slightly softer on a HD source the SD performance was a cut

above the Sony. The Samsung impressed me more than the Panasonic particularly regarding SD performance and picture brightness although the

black levels and details therein were not as good as the Panasonic or Sony. Icould discern no noticeable difference in Motion handling between the 3.

Sound quality was not a factor as I listen to all sources via the AV amp.

I left the store and trawled the internet for more information on the Samsung and found that a review team had accidentally left a static image for 48

hours on the 60 inch version with no IR or screen burn apparent. This fact and the SD performance ( I sit 2.4 metres from the screen) swung the

decision for me as well as the very attractive price. Total cost delivered was £678.00 (now available elsewhere for £665.00 delivered) from Currys

in 2 days with 2 pairs of glasses, 1 year warranty and £100.00 cashback on other Samsung products.

Initial impressions when set up at home and running on conservative settings regarding brightness and contrast are very gratifying. Coming from

a LCD display the slightly less 'punchy' colours takes a little getting used to but the skin tones are much more accurate and fast movement is

handled very well. Screen reflections in my room are virtually non existent (although no bright sunlight yet!). Build quality is pretty good but not on

the same level as the Sony or Panasonic. The smart features are good and the 3D presentation (through Sky and the apps.) is totally awesome

with not only 'in yer face' effects startling but the depth on display. The 2D to 3D conversion is also pretty impressive. BD playback is miles ahead

of the old display with blacks appearing very deep but showing detail I did'nt know was there previously. Animated movies (Cars, Wall-E, Up etc.)

are just unbelievable. Can't wait to get a 3D BD loaded - my birthday and Xmas coming so heres hoping.

I cannot wait to calibrate the display after 200 hours to see what can be acheived. The only problem I have is that my centre speaker is hiding the

bottom 1 inch of the centre bottom of the display when fitted to my cantilever stand - there's no way to lift the display higher without major


All in all a really good display at a very good price - will post further thoughts after I've calibrated the display.

Hope this helps anyone who may be considereing this display.




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Apr 7, 2010
Hi Stefan. Glad you are enjoying your TV, nice write up.

Why wait for the 200hrs to calibrate the TV? I would do it now, use it, & then re-calibrate it again after the 200hrs to see if there is any difference after the burn in time you are allowing.

Regards ....


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Nov 1, 2008
Hi F1 only

This is my first plasma screen and whilst doing research it seems that the percieved wisdom out there is to run the display on 'muted' settings to

allow the phosphor to "HARDEN" which reportedly takes 150 - 200 hours although the 60 inch version of this model is apparently very resistant to IR

and screen burn. Hence the decision to bide my time as this display will have to last a minimum of 5 years or until 4k displays become affordable ( of

course then I have to change the AV amp and BDP!).

Thanks for the comments.




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