downsize no longer needed so audiolab 8200ms or wait for 8200mbs ?


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Nov 1, 2011
hi guys now due to my 1 million previous posts on down sizing my system of which i do apologise i no longer need to downsize, so, ive decided to stick with audiolab as the sound matching with my new cm1s is just lovely so what i need to know is whether moving to the 8200ms is a worthwhile step up from my 8000s plus an 8200cdq or waiting until i save up a bit and go for the cdq with the bigger 8200mbs. i have heard the mbs with bw 603s but it sounded big and cumbersome so hopefully with my cm1s thered be more grip and control, thanks guys

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
While there will be some benefits moving to the 8200M's, you'd have to decide whether or not those benefits are worth what you're going to lose on your 8000M's and have to pay out for the 8200M's. The 8200MB's will be a more justifiable difference.


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