Question Different behaviour with integrated TV programmes

Loup Garou

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Dec 28, 2019
I have 2 Home Cinema setups based on soundbar and rear speakers; the first is Samsung HW Q90R in the lounge and the second Sony HT Z9F with SA Z9R rear speakers for the master bedroom. Both are connected in exactly the same way - the 4K BD player and Sky Q box into the soundbars' HDMI inputs and HDMI-out from the soundbar to the TV. The setup works very well in BOTH rooms for Sky Q (thru which I also access Netflix) and 4KBD player but very differently for integrated TV programmed like Amazon Prime. I have used quality 4K compatible HDMI cables all round.

With the Samsung Soundbar and LG C9 OLED TV, choosing Amazon Prime Video disables ARC and reactivates the TV speakers and so I cannot get surround sound. I could not change this setting and neither could the A-V professional who visited. But in the bedroom, where both the Soundbar and 4K TV are Sony, I can use the excellent remote of the soundbar to get surround sound - in fact it defaults to surround when I choose Amazon Prime(can be changed if I want it).

Not sure why this is the case. Can anyone help?


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