Denon DM38 & Floorstanders (Q acoustics 2050)


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All, I'm looking to buy a Denon DM38DAB for a all-in-one lounge/dining-room (approx 30'x15' & carpeted). Due mainly to aesthetic reasons I would like to partner it with some floorstanding speakers, the preferred choice budget-wise being Q Acoustics 2050's. Are these a suitable partner for the Denon? Any other more suitable floorstanders or would I be wiser to go for a Dali Zensor/Soundstle stands combo? I listen to a wide spectrum of music styles, but bass is usually involved. Many Thanks


What kind of budget are you thinking of?

Only reason I ask is that the likes of Acoustic Energy AE Neo 3's and Monitor Audio BR5's can be had 2nd hand on eBay and both are superb speakers which the Denon will run fine

New speakers then yes, the Q Acoustics would be good but so would the Monitor Audio BX5's and the AE Neo 3 V2's

You have to understand though that the Denon wont make the house rattle although it'll play loud. It doesnt have the most powerful amp in the world but all the above speakers are easy to run so it'll still do a good job

If you went down the standmount speaker route; my money would be on the likes of the Monitor Audio BX2's or RX1,s B&W 685's and the Dali Lektor 2's - Decent stands such as the Atacama Nexus 6i's (at a minimum), Atacama HMS1's or Partington Super Dreadnoughts would be better suited

Have you also budgeted for speaker cable (IMO Chord Carnival Silverscreen would be a very good match)

the record spot

The 2050 at 91db impedance is an easy load for the Denon's amp. However at around 25wpc at 8ohms (the 30w figure is based on a 6ohm measurement) it's as low as go but really more would be far better to control the speaker. My own experience showed that while a good 30w amp delivered decent results with some Mission 752s, it's when you hear amps delivering north of 90w with a good current delivery that you can really hear what the speaker is capable of and that is purely down to the amp controlling the speaker drive units.


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