denon 4308a help


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Aug 10, 2019
hi all, i need some help, my system contains b&w 604s3 front, lcr600s3 centre, two pairs of ds3 rears, asw675 subwoofer, denon bd3800 bluray, a denon 4308a receiver, pioneer 507 plasma, epson tw3600 projector with 120" screen. sadly the denon receiver has passed away and i need a new amp, we are a disabled family and getting out is very hard so i need to know what best replacment you would recommend, i love the way my system sounds with music, smooth and detailed , and when called upon with movie's plenty of slam . before i purchased the denon amp i purchased a yamaha rxv3900, it was awfull, very harsh sounding , it was like it was in attack mode as soon as i pressed the power button. so. after reading review after review (whathifi), im thinking onkyo tx-nr5009, pioneer lx85 or should i stick with denon and go for the 4311, which ever one you recommend i will also update the bluray player too. many thanks to all and look forward to any and all advice


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Jan 27, 2012
As I used to work in the HiFi/AV trade I do know a bit about AV Amps. To be honest I think you are used to the Denon sound and would only be happy with a Denon. Go for the 4311 if this is the case-it is a superb bit of kit. Any alternative at all would have to be properly set up and auditioned in the room where your AV kit is.


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