Question Deeper dive on new kit choices... Now with more money to spend!

Dan Needs Help

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Oct 20, 2020
Hello again - As a follow up to my last question, and after reading so many similar "first timer" posts with so many thoughtful responses, I thought I'd try my hand at putting together a few "full" kits for you all to dissect. And after all your advice I'm changing the plan anyway.

While I was trying to keep it around $1,000 before, we can spend a little more now (but only if you all think it's worth it). Grandma passed and left me a few dollars (not from Covid, and not a ton of money), but she loved music and when I was a kid we would sit and listen to her old big band records (Benny Goodman, Dorseys, Ellington, Buddy Rich). So it feels right to spend a bit more of "her" money here.

Here are the basics:
  • True hifi in the main family hang out room; approximately 14' x16' with 3 walls. The open wall connects to a galley kitchen.
  • Primary sources will be high res files and streaming services, and a record player. Will probably plug in the TV too but no plans for 5.1 surround or higher.
  • Would like to able to link the rest of the house and outside, so we'll start with two additional speakers (one in the kitchen, one in the living room) that can be moved around and combined if we ever have people inside again
  • Thought about just putting speakers in the ceiling, but that's just not going to happen right now
  • I can't demo. Los Angeles is going into lockdown again this weekend, and I'm too virus-paranoid anyway. So we're flying blind and basing the choices on your advice, reviews, etc. I'm sure it will be great!
  • Seems like the consensus is to spend more on speakers than the rest of the kit, so that's what I prioritized.
Here are the three kits that seem to make sense. From everything I've read, I'd love to try the Cambridge CXN/CXA81 combo but it doesn't seem to link up to anything. So that's really the hangup on the high end. Otherwise it seems like I look to the Bluesound on the low and the Marantz/HEOS in the middle. Could also just get a older HEOS link on the high end there and go with the new Denon speakers instead of the play-fi platofrm... But you see, this is where I lose the plot and have come back to you all to save me. Should I spend the extra money at all?

And of course, will be scouring for the Black Friday deals that are starting to drop!

Basic 1ItemFull price
AmpBluesound Powernode 2i$899.00
Speaker separatesElac Debut 6.2$349.00
Wireless 1Pulse Flex 2i$299.00
Wireless 2Pulse Flex 2i$299.00

Next 1ItemFull price
AmpMarantz PM7000N$999.00
StreamerMarantz 6006$699.00
Speaker separatesB&W 607 S2 Anniversary$899.00
Wireless 1Denon Home 150$249.00
Wireless 2Denon Home 150$249.00

Next 2ItemFull price
AmpCambridge Audio CXA81$1,299.00
StreamerAudioLab 6000N Play$499.00
Speaker separatesB&W 607 S2 Anniversary$899.00
Wireless 1SVS Prime or Kliptsch I/III$399.00
Wireless 2Denon Home 250$399.00

That's it for now. Can't thank you all enough. Just love reading all the discussions here even if I don't understand it all.

And course, still don't even know what cables I should buy... Ha!

Have a great weekend everybody.