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Nov 9, 2014
Hello! I currently have an Audiolab 8000Q/8000PX combo, does anyone have experience with these pre/power amps and what they particularly sing well with? I use Monitor Audio BX6 in both my Hi-Fi and HT with pre-outs sent from a Pioneer SC-LX59 so I could benefit from better speakers really. I'm not in the market yet, but it gives me time to research, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Realistic price when I am in the market is probably around £2000 for the L/R channels.

On another note, I am tempted to get some B&W DM602 S3 as a non serious speaker. By that I mean a bit impulse, sell if I don't like/keep for a small future build if I do. I think (I may be wrong) these are fairly neutral speakers though, so probably wouldn't go well with the Audiolab which is what I'd test them on - any ideas?



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