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  1. MrPenkwin

    Question Speaker matching old Audiolab?

    Hello, I've owned Hi-Fi for a while now, but still relatively young in the learning stage. For the past two years I've owned an old Audiolab 8000Q and 8000PX pre/power combo paired with MA Silver 300 speakers (yes, I'm aware the two aren't a great match) and unless I'm playing electronic music...
  2. MrPenkwin

    Day dreaming about speakers

    Hello! I currently have an Audiolab 8000Q/8000PX combo, does anyone have experience with these pre/power amps and what they particularly sing well with? I use Monitor Audio BX6 in both my Hi-Fi and HT with pre-outs sent from a Pioneer SC-LX59 so I could benefit from better speakers really. I'm...
  3. I

    Sony SRS-XB10 speaker won't pair

    We have an older Sony SRS-XB10 speaker that has sat unused in an office for quite a while. I suggested my partner to take it home so we can start using it again around the house. I have fully charged it but after following the instructions I can't get the speaker to pair with any of our...
  4. kato

    Monitor Audio Silver 100 amplifier pairing

    I have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 100 and am wondering what would be a great pairing for them in the "budget" realm . What I am really asking is - if someone who already has them and have paired them up and thinks it is a wonderful match, could please share it here. Please don´t offer...