Dali Zensor 5 vs KEF Q500


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Aug 10, 2019
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I plan to buy some stuff t o listen to good music. I also thought of adding some movie capability. Although not sure of the satellites yet, as cabling may be tough at my rented place. I have zeroed on Denon AVR 1912 as the electronics. And I plan to have floorstanding L/R, with a central, and an active sub. Friends said that it'll be foolish not to take a centre if i am buying a 7.1.

Now for speakers, I am torn between Dali Zensor 5 and KEF Q500. I have auditioned Dali Ikon 7 but not Zensor, but Ikon 7 is just stretching my budget. But its a great speaker. Have also listened to KEF 500. Sounded a bit on higher frequency side, although overall good. Auditioned Polk TSI 500 (I guess, forgetting the model no.). Not great, especially at lower.

My range of music is wide. Hindustani classical, Hindi retro, jazz, western classical and rock (much lesser though). And daughter listens to a lot of pop and rap and all the contemporary stuff.

Can I have some suggestions about the speaker.

Oh, my budget is 1500-1800 GBP incl the AVR.
(I am in Mumbai, India. Hence the budget is adjusted for exchange rate and country premium in India)

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just bought the 5's & they are the sort of speaker you can listen to comfortably all day long


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Both excellent speakers but I'd rather have the Dalis as long-term listening companions. Dali have a great knack of engineering speakers that present plenty of information but in a way which is completely involving and which can be listened to for long sessions without tiring.

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Jan 27, 2008
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I've heard both pairs of speakers with the Marantz PM6004. The Dali's were heard in a shop, and the Q500's at home.

Both pairs of speakers are very good, IMO. Put the Q500's around 40cm's from the rear wall, and the bass is pleasing......further away, and it's a little lean.

The Dali's had good, powerful bass in the shop (very close to rear wall), and seems quite dynamic for their size. I found the vocals to be very slightly clearer/more realistic on the Q500's though.

To conclude, both are very good, so best to have a demo and decide for yourself.....

Forgot to say, when I looked at speakers, the AVR 1912 was used, and the Q500 were bought. Saying that, it was before the Dali's speakers were available......