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Aug 10, 2019
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Simpleton I maybe, but a question that might on the lips of a few (maybe not)!!

I know what a DAC is but how does it actual work? do you connect your Laptop NAS direct to it? does it go through the AVR?

My current set up is a DS411j NAS with a Logitech squeezebox connecting to my Bose LS28, how where does a DAC fit in?

I'll be moving away from the Bose soon to a NR709 with B&W MT-25 config, who does a DAc fit in and which one would best suit?

All advice welcome, thanks


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a DAC goes between a box that can play a stereo track it then takes the digital input and produces a analogue stereo out put that is then fed into an amplifier and out of 2 speakers.

as a NAS does not play music it will not go there.

so what will play you music? the AV amp? if yes then there is no place for a DAC.


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Feb 8, 2008
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A DAC, as you are aware, converts an incoming digital signal, to an analogue one prior to amplification.

The DAC can be a stand alone item, placed between a digital source and amplifier, or integrated into various components. For example all CD players have DACs built in, some amplifiers have them, most newish AV amps have them and your squeezebox also does.

Your new NR709 will contain a plenty good enough DAC. You could even compare the Squeezebox DAC against the Onkyo, when it arrives.


thanks for the insight,

didn't realise the squeezebox did what it did, but now you describe it all becomes crystal,

good to hear the NR709 is getting good feedback, I'm guessing it will out strip the squeezebox, but who knows

thanks again


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