DAC/AMP for HD 599


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Nov 15, 2020
Hello, recently I decided to buy Sennheiser HD 599 SE for 100 dollars. I was a little skeptical at first because reviewers said it was muddy and not worth it. Well it sound pretty mediocre and muddy if you use them with a phone, my Samsung S10 was a very bad match. I also bought and LG B&O Play module to use it as a dac (15 bucks only). The sound improve dramatically, bass was more dynamic and trebble had more spark (soundstage was also better). I've been thinking on buying a better and more reliable DAC/AMP combo since the LG modulo has some issues with Windows and Android. I previously had the HD 600, great sound but wasn't great for rap or electronic and soundstage was a bit overwheling. Probably the reason why I sold them was that I need to spent at least 200 dollars of gear to get at least a good result and I don't want to spend to much money. My budget is around 150 dollars to buy a new DAC/AMP. I was thinking in the Schiit fulla 4, that would be whithin my budget. Other options: Hiby R2, Dragon Fly black. I really liked the fulla since I can connect it to my xbox but I'm a little worried about Schiit's reliability and shipping since I live in Mexico.



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