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  1. shAen1234

    Headphone + Amp, now wanting a DAC?

    Hello all, I've had a pair of DT990 pros, the 250 ohm version, for a little bit now. Recently purchased a Schiit Magni+, and I've noticed a difference in sound quality (for the better) and I'm happy with my purchase. I'm now debating on whether or not I need to purchase a DAC, I have an Asus...
  2. angelmf2704

    DAC/AMP for HD 599

    Hello, recently I decided to buy Sennheiser HD 599 SE for 100 dollars. I was a little skeptical at first because reviewers said it was muddy and not worth it. Well it sound pretty mediocre and muddy if you use them with a phone, my Samsung S10 was a very bad match. I also bought and LG B&O Play...
  3. A

    Amp for JBL L112

    First post so thank you all ahead of time for taking the time to respond. I did post this question on another forum so sorry if you are reading this twice. I'm restoring my dad's old JBL L112s to use as my main speakers and would like to find a decent amp that is a good match. They are somewhat...
  4. P

    What to do!!

    Hi Folks I’m after some advice if I may please! My Av set up is a Sony str dn1040 with B&W 605 fronts and 603 tears with a HTM62 centre, Sounds great for my home cinema needs but as I’m now starting to get back into Vinyl I’ve been advised the the amp I have will not get the best results from...