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Jan 12, 2009
Hi Folks

I’m after some advice if I may please!

My Av set up is a Sony str dn1040 with B&W 605 fronts and 603 tears with a HTM62 centre, Sounds great for my home cinema needs but as I’m now starting to get back into Vinyl I’ve been advised the the amp I have will not get the best results from my Rega RP3, Rega Neo and Schiit Mani.

Firstly Do I need to invest in a stereo amp
Secondly as they are only two channel out does that mean I have to wire both front and backs to the same terminal and not have the centre speaker connected thus also meaning I’ll need two sets of wires trailing my lounge for both av and stereo setups or is there a switching device so I don’t have to have two lots of cables should I need the addition of the stereo amp!!?
Many Thanks

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Sounds like someone is trying to sell you something TBH. Is it optimal? No. Will it work? yes. Will it sound good? can't see why not. I say if your getting back into it just carry on the way you are for the moment. Have a play and see if it stays that way over time. And then way up what you use your amp more for, music or moves and then tailor it later if needs be.

In regards to your next question and if i'm understanding correctly. Doesn't your amp not have a stereo function? you shouldn't have to do anything with the wiring. Normally theres a Direct button or some such.


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May 24, 2009
I think on your second point, you are referring to having both a potential stereo amplifier and your existing AV amp connected to the same pair of speakers.

It might be theoretically possible with a correct switch but I wouldn’t recommend it.

What people normally do when combining AV and stereo amps is use the pre-out of the AV amp to the ‘AV direct’ or equivalent input of the stereo amp. This way, you’d use the stereo amp to power the L/R speakers in all cases, so only one set of speaker cables for your fronts required.

Reading this review, it doesn’t sound like your AV amp is particularly suited for this option though:



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