Connection problems Sony HT - SF1100 Home Theatre System


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Aug 10, 2019
I have recently bought a Panasonic DMREX87EB DVD Recorder, and want to connect it to my Sony Home Theatre system (HTSF1100) via HDMI. I connected HDMI out to Sony Amp HDMI DVD in,and then Sony Amp HDMI out to Samsung TV LE40M8 HDMI in, using HDMI cables 1.3 spec.I then connected audio out from the TV to audio in to the amp. I get picture, however no sound via my Sony Amp.I also get an error message "unlock" on the Amp. Am I doing something wrong - the Amp does not pick up the DVD recorder sound at all via HDMI? (The TV and the DVD is 1080 compatible) Is there a better way of doing it?


Don't know if you found a solution, but if so would be interested. I recently bought the exact same Sony Amp. However, I CAN get it to work with my DVD Recorder/Video combo but NOT with my Sky HD. I likewise get an "UNLOCK" message on the Sony Amp for the Sky HD connection. I have read on other forums that you can unlock a DVD recorder by changing the settings on the DVD machine itself ..... not sure that's the case with Sky HD though. good luck


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