I need a modern receiver to hook up my old speakers. What should I keep in mind?


Jul 11, 2021
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Hi all! I own an old Sony DAV DZ270 DVD home theatre system that has no HDMI ARC or digital audio capability. The 5.1 speakers systems with the current receiver are of specifications (142W x 5 + 140W). They are rated at 3 ohms. What should I keep in mind while looking for a new modern receiver with HDMI ARC or digital optical Audio input that can I can hook up with these old 5.1 ch speakers so they work fine and nothing burns out? I am aware that the speaker connectors must be compatible. But what about the wattage, ohm load matching between receiver and speakers etc.? The whole purpose of this is that I am not getting 5.1 ch surround sound from my new Sony Bravia smart TV via headphone/analogue laudio in. I'm new to this. TIA


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