Question Connecting the Hue Sync


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Apr 28, 2013
So I've recently purchased a Hue Sync. With six lights in my lounge the initial set up (plugging the Sky box straight in) has been very encouraging, so far.

I'd like to run the service though my setup.

I have a Yamaha RXA 1070 AV receiver and a 65 inch UHD LG television. Usual feeds in: Sky box, Ultra HD player, PS4 and Xbox plus a wireless turntable and Alexa.

It would be sensible to take the HDMI from the AV to the television via the Hue sync.

However, and I could be very wrong, I am concerned that I'd lose some of the HDR impact as the signal passes through a technically inferior junction.

I can't quite work out what would be the most ideal way to manage this and would appreciate your help.


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