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Chord DAC - will she fit in nicely?

Jan 1, 2015
Good afternoon lovely forum people!

Could I pick your brains?

I am currently running a Pathos Logos amp, Arcam DIVA 192 cd player, Arcam D33 DAC with some original Nautilus 804's. The speakers are being run on Atlas Hyper bi-wire cable and the DAC and amp are connected via an Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect.

I am thinking very seriously of swapping out the D33 DAC for a Chord QBD76, the earlier one, not the one with the USB connection (I think internally they are the same anyhooo).

My questions are, a) is this considered an upgrade?

and b) will the Chord QBD76 introduce any brightness or harshness?

Any input from you all is much appreicated, many thanks :)


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Feb 15, 2009
I'm probably in the majority who haven't heard both! I'm sure there will be subtle differences, probably tiny if done blind. You might well prefer one to the other, but I doubt it would be as 'simple' as brightness.

As you've doubtless read, Chord is generally considered somewhat analytical but that may be just what you're seeking, or too much if a good thing. I've read both opinions regarding the Hugo, so it is surely vital that you listen yourself, whatever the opinions of strangers!



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