Changing amplifier from Marantz PM7001KI to Naim 5i..or upgrade speaker?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I thinking of changing my amp from Marantz PM7001KI to Naim Nait 5i & pair it with my current speaker, Epos M12.2.

Current setup with Marantz is bi-wire to Epos but surely not with Naim. What u guys think & what would I expect from both Naim & Epos. Will there be a 'attack-ing' music compared to Marantz.I listen to all kind of music especially Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Lee Ritenour, Al di Meola including classiscal etc. Or just stick to Marantz amp and upgrade my speaker to Dynaudio or ProAc?

What do you guys think?



btw, I experienced 'booming' effect with Epos, about 3 to 4 meters away from my right speaker. They are toed-in & 0.5m from the wall. Again, any idea guys?

Naim 5i or change the speaker first? Thanks.

the record spot

Have you tried it without the DacMagic? The Arcam rDac is apparently a bit bassier and has a little more bottom end. I only mention it as I found the DM terribly lightweight in my setup and it's not a bass shy arrangement typically while the PM7001-KI I understand to be a dynamic performer. I'd rig up a different DAC and see how you go. If it floats your boat, you're away, if it doesn't check out a different amp.


I'm not sure how well Naim goes with Epos - the Naim forum might be of help there.

I rate (obviously) the Nait 5i highly. Didn't compare it with the 7001KI, but I did with the 15s2 and picked it above that. Slightly more attack, bass a touch less slow but, above all, it was a better match for my speakers.

Anyway, you're best off trying the Nait with your Epos and seeing how they gel.


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